Red Apple Lipstick – 2017 New Products

It seems only natural that my favorite gluten-free beauty brand would take top honors as being my very first blog post.
Let’s be honest, if you’ve seen my YouTube channel, Melissa in MN, you already know I’m a huge FAN of this brand.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links

New Products?

It’s BIG!  HUGE!
An Extremly AMAZING announcement.

What a way to kick off 2017!!!

After already making fantastic lipsticks, glosses, shadows, liners (both lip and eye), and their amazing Lash Project Mascara, what could they come up with next to top these?
…drum roll, please…..

Yes, the buzz….is all TRUE!
My favorite gluten-free beauty brand is about to release 6 vegan, allergen friendly, non-toxic, mineral blush colors, a bronzer, and a new brush on January 21st.

RAL blush & bronzer.png

I’ve been a huge fan of Red Apple Lipstick since November 2014.
That’s when my very first TRULY gluten-free lipstick, Audrey, landed in my mailbox.
Not to mention, the promise of a six month return policy made the purchase even sweeter. I had nothing to lose.
Well, fast forward and I have since purchased almost their entire line of products.
If they make it, I WILL own it.
And let me say, I have NEVER had to use that return policy.

After purchasing so many of their products and having such great results, I requested to become an affiliate. Red Apple Lipstick so kindly agreed and now allows me to offer a special savings code to my subscribers and followers.
You can always use the code “MelissainMN” on any purchase over $50 and you’ll save 22% off the standard retail pricing.

So, for those who haven’t visited my YouTube channel… why do I love Red Apple Lipstick so much?
Being someone who is a self-proclaimed “canary in a coal mine” when it comes to gluten and cross contamination of items, even topical, this brand was a game changer for me.
I had “experimented” with other brands claiming to be gluten-free up to this point but none were. And raised in the South, I’ve worn makeup since I was 13, and having severe reactions to gluten in beauty products after I was diagnosed in January 2013, well, let’s just say, that the year or so of not having reliable makeup was so foreign to me.
Not that I needed makeup to survive.  It was just an added bonus of being a woman.
Honestly I didn’t wear makeup that often, but if I wanted to, I wanted to know I could.
Enter Red Apple Lipstick. I was over joyed to be able to finally wear  make up again that was truly gluten-free makeup and wouldn’t cause any type of reaction what-so-ever.

Jay and his wife, Andrea, the founders of Red Apple Lipstick, got what it meant to make and stand behind a brand that believed every woman deserved safe makeup.
Gluten free, soy free, corn free, paraben free, toxin free, lead free, cruelty free, made in the USA.   They work hard to create safe makeup without sacrificing quality.

Every product is top quality and I can’t wait for the blushes and bronzer to launch because I am certain it will live up to that quality as well.
And one other plus regarding these new products…talc free.  Yay!
Another ingredient I am super excited to learn Red Apple Lipstick will leave out of this product on top of being free from gluten and the other top allergens and icky ingredients.

And one other side note to why I love Red Apple Lipstick?  Customer involvement. That’s right, starting 1/9/17, we will be able to participate in the naming contest for their new blushes.  So be sure to stay tuned for the naming contest to be held on their Facebook page.RAL naming contest 1.9-1.15.png

Until then, be sure to  SIGN UP for the sale  and be guaranteed to get first access and discounted pricing. You do not want to miss this.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, gluten-free day!
Videos that might be of interest:
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5 thoughts on “Red Apple Lipstick – 2017 New Products

  1. Love your you tube channel and now your blog! Thanks for all your useful information. It’s really helped me on my journey to a gluten free lifestyle.


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