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Hey, ya’ll!
Hey, you guys!

Raised a Georgia peach, ripened in the South Carolina sun, I’m now preserving myself in Northen Minnesota. Ha!
Life is good!

I’m a 40+yr old wife (husband from Minnesota) & a mom of two teen boys. Ufda!
We have a small 2+ acre homestead in Northern Minnesota consisting of a garden, three ducks, & some chickens (hens).  To date, we have 19 happy laying hens.




Melissa in MN was created to share my journey of going gluten-free. And is focused on healthy gluten-free food & beauty options for those with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerances. Or those just seeking a healthier lifestyle.
I was diagnosed January 2013, and I’ll be the first to admit, I had a very hard time adjusting & finding items I could use due to my extreme reaction to even the smallest amount of gluten.
What’s that saying about “teaching an old dog new tricks”?  Well, remember I mentioned I was from the South?  So this girl loved fried chicken, homemade biscuits, and gravy. So literally, I had to start all over. Learn to cook and prepare food 100% gluten-free.

And just when I had that under control- Let’s throw a whole other bag of tricks into the mix.
Yep, six months later I learned that whether it be edible or topical items with gluten, it matters to me.  Yes, I was affected by even topical items (lotions, soaps, etc.) containing gluten cause me the same, if not more severe reactions than if I had consumed gluten.
And I know there are top medical facilities that state topical gluten can’t be absorbed into the skin, but I’m living proof that it CAN be.  Either it can or I’m the rare “bird”/ 1 in whatever # you want to name; I’ve had extreme reactions to products that contain gluten that never even made it near my mouth to ingest.

Want to learn more about what I mean?
I discuss the many ways I’ve had this happen to me, especially in the first 6 months of going gluten free, which I discuss freely on my youtube channel.

Now that I’ve discovered the ingredients to watch out for in beauty products and ones that can be cross contaminated, I’m living much healthier days free of nausea and the other “not so wonderful” symptoms associated with being “glutened”.

So with that said, because of my extreme “sensitivity” to gluten, there is NO cheating for me…EVER!

If you enjoy this blog, you may also like to check out my youtube channel of the same name, Melissa in MN.

My videos also focus on all things beauty, food, and lifestyle related and things I’ve learned since going gluten-free.
I hope if you are seeking to live 100% gluten-free you’ll find this blog as well as my YT channel interesting and valuable.
One thing I have learned….Life CAN be good gluten-free!

Wishing you a very happy, healthy, and gluten-free day!
~ Melissa

Videos that might be of interest:
✮ MY G-FREE JOURNEY ✮ (PLAYLIST) https://goo.gl/zuJ3eF

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