Happy Earth Day! ~ SALES

 {updated 4.21.17} Although every day should be Earth day, it’s officially celebrated on April 22. It’s a day each year when we remind ourselves how important the earth is and that we need to keep it clean and healthy. “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit,…… Continue reading Happy Earth Day! ~ SALES



Hip Hip Horray….it’s Easter Weekend!   And to celebrate 100% Pure, one of my favorite gluten free brands, is offering a special promotion THIS weekend only with  FREE shipping on all sales over $50. I love their products because they are🌱 all natural, 🍒fruit pigmented formulas, free of toxins, gluten free (of course), cruelty free ,…… Continue reading 100% Pure -EASTER WEEKEND PROMO


Canary in a Coal Mine- My Gluten Free Beginning

I literally became a Canary in a Coal Mine when it came to gluten. Even the smallest traces of it effect me with horrible consequences.


100% Pure~ March Madness Deal

This month to celebrate the first days of spring, 100% Pure is offering this amazing free with any purchase of $55 or more.


Favorite Places to Shop~ Fashion & Home

So not only do I love saving on beauty and food items, but I, in general love a good deal.
And these are just a few of my favorite online places to shop.


Makeup Chat: What’cha Wearing?

Hello everyone! Today’s post is all about the latest makeup I’ve been loving and most recently featured in my last video posted to my youtube channel, Melissa in MN. Did you get to check it out yet? If not, you can here. It’s the FOTD or MOTD I was wearing in the video: OSEA Malibu Review. Two…… Continue reading Makeup Chat: What’cha Wearing?


Favorite Gluten Free Food Brands~ Shopping & Saving

This post may change periodically. Be sure to stop by often. Last update: January 2018 Being diagnosed Celiac/gluten intolerant is a hard start. The first question you are probably going to ask is….”What are you going to eat?” I know I did! Followed by a common second question…”And where am I suppose to find these items?” So to help out,…… Continue reading Favorite Gluten Free Food Brands~ Shopping & Saving