Makeup Chat: What’cha Wearing?

Hello everyone! Today’s post is all about the latest makeup I’ve been loving and most recently featured in my last video posted to my youtube channel, Melissa in MN. Did you get to check it out yet? If not, you can here. It’s the FOTD or MOTD I was wearing in the video: OSEA Malibu Review. Two…… Continue reading Makeup Chat: What’cha Wearing?


Favorite Gluten Free Food Brands~ Shopping & Saving

Being diagnosed Celiac/gluten intolerant is a hard start. The first question you are probably going to ask is….”What are you going to eat?” I know I did! Followed by a common second question…”And where am I suppose to find these items?” So to help out, I composed a list of my top places to shop and some of…… Continue reading Favorite Gluten Free Food Brands~ Shopping & Saving


Favorite Gluten-free Beauty Brands

As I started choosing gluten-free products,  I also noticed I began choosing greener and cleaner products for my family as well. Brands with products free of harmful chemicals and toxins and more ethical practices too. So even though my first priority is to find safe gluten-free options, many of these brands will also offer cruelty-free and/or vegan…… Continue reading Favorite Gluten-free Beauty Brands


Red Apple Lipstick – 2017 New Products

It seems only natural that my favorite gluten-free beauty brand would take top honors as being my very first blog post.
Let’s be honest, if you’ve seen my YouTube channel, you already know I’m a huge FAN of this brand.